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After what must have been years of almost no actual activity here (save for the occasional post), I'm gonna try to use my DeviantArt again. The main reason I left was cause I preferred my Tumblr much better than here, and because the number of follower notifications I sorted through on a daily basis was (and still is) absurd. I'm gonna unfollow a bunch of people that I wouldn't actively watch and are not aquainted with as time goes by. So... ya. Here I am. Cool?
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Luke and Nightshade left the captain's cabin, only to be immediately met by one of the raiders, a Gallade by the name of Finnibar, who teleported into their path and levitated in front of them, assuming a casual seat in mid-air. "Yo.", he said, greeting the captain and her guest.

Nightshade pursed her lips. Finnibar was a Pokemon with a loose tongue. It wasn't so much that he wasn't good at keeping secrets as it was that he didn't care. He was far too carefree about things "What's the word below deck?" Nightshade asked. "Are there any major damages?"

"Do you mean other than the engine?" He asked, giving a short laugh. "There's not much damage to the hull. It looks like the underbelly armor took most of the damage. Unfortunately, some of the supplies got damaged. Mostly foodstuffs. We might have to get some from the town." He remarked.

Luke smiled when he heard their ship wasn't too damaged. "I'm glad to hear you didn't lose your whole sihp crashing out here! I hope you have enough money to pay for food though. Let us know if you don't, and the Explorer Guild will find a way to help ya get the stuff you need."

"It's ok, man." Finnibar replied. "We got plenty of money. What we do pays well."

Nightshade gave him a grim scowl. "Thank you, Finn. You are dismissed."

The Gallade nodded and turned to Luke before leaving, saying "Keep an eye on her. She's a feisty gal." He chuckled as he teleported away.

"Well, now that we have that sorted out, I suppose I should ask..." Nightshade began. "You told me a lot about what's been happening in the town recently, but... is there anything in particular going on in this town that I should be wary of?"

Luke shook his head. "I would say no, but lemme give you a piece of advice." He gave Nightshade a friendly pat on the back and said "There's a lot of people who ask the guilds for help. If you wanna get along in this town, maybe have some of your crew join one of them. It could help you stay funded as long as you're in this town. How many people are aboard this ship, anyhow?"

After quickly running through the list of her crewmembers in her head, Nightshade answered "Twenty five, including myself."

"That's a large crew!"

"It takes a lot of hands to run an airship."

"Well, good luck getting settled into this town." Luke said. He gave her a tip of his hat and headed down towards the deck, where he dismounted the ship and headed back into the town.

Nightshade sighed in relief. It was good for him to be off the ship, since now she wouldn't have to worry about what she said for the time being. Finnibar teleported back to her side. "You gotta stop worrying, captain." He said. "We'll be fine! We have enough money backlogged to live on our own for a looooong time."

Nightshade wasn't so sure, herself. "Go into town and investigate the police force. Find out for sure if this town isn't aware of our identity. The more we know, the better." She paused before adding "Do it through legal means, please."

"Alright, alright. No need to get your feathers ruffled." Finnibar said before teleporting away.

Looking at the town, Nightshade tried to think of what she needed to do next. This situation was a drastic change from what she had been doing for the past two years. She thought back to her office and the conversation she'd had with Luke. What was there for her to do?

In the end she realized that she was really good with cartography. her skills with a map and compass were phenomenal. If she took advantage of this skill of hers, she could potentially make the crew a hefty sum of money in the event that their funds ran out. She estimated they had at least a month's worth of gold coins and other valuables on the ship.

Then Nightshade remembered something else. Different networks of society tended to have different forms of currency. She was unfamiliar with this town's currency system. Nightshade cursed herself for not asking Finnibar to go learn more about Andalusst's currency system. She hoped to god that they would accept gold, or that at the very least it could be exchanged for currency.

In the distance, she could see several other Pokemon approaching the ship. Perhaps they wanted to investigate the crash as well.

"Captain!" Max exclaimed, making Nightshade jump. "Ahm... apologies. The engineers have concluded that most of the damage occured to the rotors when passing so quickly through that fog. They predict that it will take a few weeks to repair, at best."

"Thank you, Maxwell." Nightshade said. "If you'll excuse me, I have to see to these strangers who want to investigate the crash." She climbed over the railing, across the balloons, and jumped off the ship.

"I wonder what these Pokemon are going to ask..." Nightshade said to herself.
The Drachenkin (ch 3)
The final chapter in the introduction of Nightshade to PMD-Unity. The three stories will most likely be compiled together into a single story later on down the road, but for now here is the final part of her beginnings in Andalusst.

Ask Team Freedom - PMDU Tumblr
Nightshade: Info will be posted soon.
The ship was much more calm now that they were on the ground. "Is everybody alright?" Nightshade asked with a groan. She found it hard to speak after the crash landing had thrusted her into the wheel. Wood was not the softest of materials to be thrown into with significant force.

Max groaned and picked himself up. The Meowth had been thrown into the ship's railing by the crash. "C-captain... permission to do a head count?" He asked.

"Granted." Nightshade answered. She leaned against the wheel and looked at the ship's rotors. The Drachenkin used two zeppelin-style balloons and six rudimentary rotors to keep afloat. The entire process hinged on a steam engine that fed hot air to both the rotor mechanisms and the balloons. The balloons were by far the most important components for flight since hot air was so light. The rotors only offered a little lift, but that lift made up for what the balloons could not achieve, plus they were responsible for the ship's mobility. They were notorious for breaking down, with at least one rotor mechanism needing repair after every flight. It was very new technology and very much a prototype. They could get along without one of them, maybe even two in a pinch. Four of the rotors had snapped off in the fog, and at a glance Nightshade could tell that least two of the rotor mechanisms were badly damaged.

A feeling of pain started to overwhelm Nightshade. Their ship had crashed! What were they going to do? The Drachenkin was her life. For two years, this ship and its crew had been everything to her. Could they even repair her after such a disaster with the engine?

Her first mate called to her. "Captain! All hands are accounted for!" Max exclaimed. "The mounts have landed, as well!"

Nightshade briefly put her worries aside. "Good." She replied. Thinking about it, Nightshade figured they could probably repair the ship. This wasn't the first time it had crashed. Even though this was their most disasterous crash yet, there was probably was something they could do to fix the problem at hand.

Another problem had to be addressed, Nightshade realized. They had crash landed near a town. Having seen the town from above, Nightshade knew the town was fairly large and probably had a thick population. Sooner or later (and most likely sooner), they would encounter the citizens. "Listen up, everybody!" Nightshade shouted, calling her crew to order. "We just had a major disaster befall us, but let's not have that be the end of us. We are currently stuck in a town known as Andalusst. As of now, we don't have the freedom that being sky pirates normally brings us. At any time, we could be captured. We need to be cautious." She paused before adding "we need to look innocent."

The crew immediately began to voice their concern. The Drachenkin Raiders, the crew members responsible for flying down to loot valueble targets during raids, had particularly noteworthy concerns. "But how long before they figure out who we are? We're legends! Surely they'll have heard about us!" One of the raiders, a Grovyle named Bethany, asked.

Nightshade had to think about this for a moment. "I doubt that will be a problem. You'll recall that we haven't been attempting raids in this region for reason of lack of valueables. We aren't their enemies, so why should they assume us so?"

"They may have heard about us from other merchants!" Another raider, a Clefable named Landon, exclaimed. "Those blabbermouths are always gossiping about trouble, and we're no exception!"

Before Nightshade could think of a reply, a crewmember shouted and pointed out somebody leaving the town, approaching the ship. She scowled and called for Max to get a spyglass for her. The cat was quick to follow her orders. Nightshade looked through the spyglass to see a Swampert racing towards The Drachenkin. The stranger wore leather gloves and a wide brimmed hat, as well as a strange amulet that looked valueable.

"Remember, everybody. Act natural. We have done nothing wrong." Nightshade said to the crew. As an afterthought, she ordered the raiders to go and hide anything that might give away their identity as pirates.

A few minutes later, the Swampert reached the ship. "Permission to come aboard?" He exclaimed to them.

"Granted!" Nightshade shouted to him. She ordered a crew member to throw a rope to him. As heavy as the giant walking mud fish was, he was able to climb onto the ship. He tipped his hat in greetings as Nightshade approached him. In this situation, the giant was cause for intimidation. "And to whom do I owe the pleasure?" Nightshade asked.

"Luke's the name!" He exclaimed, grabbing Nightshade's paw and gently shaking it, taking care to avoid puncturing his gloves with the claws. "I saw your ship come crashing down! It was pretty terrifying stuff. I've never seen anything like this before."

"Really?" Nightshade asked. It was a passing remark, but that last comment made her wonder if he'd heard about The Drachenkin before. "Well, I would say our ship is unique. It's the only one of its kind, the first and only airship in the world. Welcome aboard The Drachenkin!" Nightshade was used to boasting about her ship, but a second after she'd said the name she realized it might have been a mistake to admit the airship's name, in case the Swampert did recognize it.

"Drachenkin, eh? That's a fancy name!" Luke replied, giving her a warm smile. "It sounds regal, like the kind of ship a queen would command! You are the captain here, yes?"

Relief flooded into Nightshade. This Pokemon was oblivious, and if he was one to represent then this town was oblivious to their identity as well. "I am indeed the captain. If you wish to come into my quarters, we can make further discussions."

"Certainly, ma'am." Luke replied, giving her another friendly grin. They marched up the stairs to Nightshade's door, but she paused and had the Swampert wait outside while she cleaned up. In truth, Nightshade was putting away maps and other pieces of evidence to their piracy. Luckily she only had to put away a few maps and other things. She even decided to leave her weapons and other treasures up with the excuse that they were collected from adventures and exploration. When Nightshade finally let the big fish inside, he marveled at the regal decore. "My my, I wasn't very far off when I said this ship was regal-sounding. It's regal looking as well."

"I appreciate the thought." She said, taking a seat and offering Luke a chair. She paused as Luke sat down, wondering if the chair would support him. It didn't break upon his weight being put down on it, so at least she wouldn't lose a chair. "Tell me about yourself. Are you connected to any leadership in this town?"

"Well, I was hoping you'd tell me about yourself, but if you insist!" Luke said. "I'm actually a leader of a major guild called the Explorers. We currently command somewhere in the region of seven hundred members! Or at least, that's what it was last time I checked. We've not been having much time to do head counts since the last opperation we had going on! You see..." Luke started to babble on about a strange dungeon beneath the earth connecting this town to another, Geoda City. He also rambled about the possibility of exploration and trade, before going off on a tangent about a giant golem attacking the city and finally to random-odd happenings in the town. This Swampert was far too talkative.

"Enough!" Nightshade exclaimed, bringing his rambling to a halt. "Let me be the first to say I understand the difficulties of leadership you must face with recent developments, but I am not exactly here for the sake of exploration. I just wanted to learn what I needed to know to get along in this town. In case you haven't noticed, we're stuck here indefinitely until our flight mechanisms can be repaired."

Luke paused, having realized he was speaking about things he shouldn't. "Oh, my apologies." He said. "But before anything else, can you tell me about yourself? Your ship must be used for wonderous things!"

Nightshade smirked. "You have no idea." She remarked, laughing internally at the irony of his statement. Luke's long monologue about dungeoneering had given her the opportunity to formulate her story. "My  name is Carola." Nightshade said, using her real name as opposed to the name she preferred to go by, in case her name would give away their identity. You could say we're explorers as well, to an extent. We go from town to town and perform deeds like capturing criminals and rescuing lost explorers. We're also treasure hunters. In short, we do whatever we can to make a living with this airship."

The shine in Luke's eyes made Nightshade sure he believed her lie. "Cool!" Luke exclaimed. "It must be so much fun flying an airship like this!"

Again, Nightshade smirked. "Believe me, it's nothing short of stressful. Anything could happen, like the crash we just had."

Luke stood up and gave her another warm smile. "Well, if you need help repairing your ship then let me know! We can arrange just about anything! The Explorers Guild loves helping others, especially for charity."

If they were to get help from the locals for repairing the ship, then they could probably be back in the air within a few weeks, if not days. "Well, I'll have a talk with my engineers and we'll figure out what components we need to repair the Drachenkin. It'll be a while before she can fly again, without a doubt. It's nice to meet you, my friend." She held out her claws to shake again, and Luke accepted the gesture.
The Drachenkin (ch 2)
Second chapter of Nightshade's story. In it, she is introduced to the Explorers guild leader, Luke. We also learn how the Drachenkin is able to fly. What will Nightshade do in a town where she could be arrested for piracy?

Ask Team Freedom - PMDU Tumblr
Nightshade: info will be posted soon
The sky was light blue in the sunshine of a peaceful day. A ways below the ship, a sea of clouds and fog flew past them. The tendrals of perpetual fog constantly flowed beneath them. It was no problem for The Drachenkin, the best (and only) airship in the world. The fog would not claim them, as it had many others. It gave the Weavile Captain at the helm a sense of calm. "Captain, you're needed below deck!" A Meowth called to the Weavile.

The Weavile was pulled out of daydreams of the sky by the cat's words. "Thank you, Max!" She called back. The Meowth came up to the deck to take over the Weavile's position while she went below deck. On the way down, she happened to pass by two of the ship's workers. Magdalene and Ciro were their names, a Sunflora and a Snowver respectively. They greeted her and told her that she was wanted in the engine room.

That was strange, the Weavile thought. She wasn't needed in there very often. Liesel usually only called her down there when there was trouble with...

The weasel Pokemon immediately raced to the engine room and threw the door open, only to be greeted by a cloud of smoke. "What's going on in here?" the Weavile exclaimed.

The first response she got was repeated coughing. Finally the Ampharos running the engine room spoke. "C-captain! We have a problem! We've been running her too long!"

"That can't be right." She replied. "This has thus far been one of our shortest trips. We're almost to our destination, in fact."

"We'd better be, cause this thing won't fly much longer. We need to replace her once we get into town, money or no." Liesel demanded. With her concern built up, the Weavile turned to leave before Liesel added "I told you we needed to be more careful with this thing. I understand we need to make a living but this ship is the first of its kind. There's no telling how easily we can push it to its limit."

"OK, ok. I get it!" Weavile said, putting her claws up defensively. "I know this thing is a flying scrap pile on a wooden boat but it's still our revenue. We'll land in the next town and sort this out, alright?" With that being said, the Weavile turned and left the room.

The legendary Drachenkin was one of a kind, in more ways than one. Not only was it the most fiersome pirate ship in the world, but it was the one and only ship in the world that could fly. It was originally built by wealthy investors in a secluded town under the fog as a means to try flying as a better way to establish trade. The whole world was covered in a perpetual fog, but certain mysterious magics allowed some places to be free of the fog, acting as places of respite in a forsaken world. The airship would have been an enormous advance in travel between these sanctoms, but Nightshade and her crew were more than easily able to steal it from under the investors' noses and give it a much "better" purpose.

But every ship had its flaws, and the Drachenkin had many. The flying system was very much a prototype and broke down fairly easily. It was reliable when properly maintained but the cost of mantinence was hard to bare with. Many of the repair parts had to be reverse-engineered base on what was already in the ship when it had been stolen. The time and effort invested into this ship almost made it unprofitable, but they found ways to make ends meet.

Upon returning to the helm, the captain was greeted by Max. "Here's the wheel back, Nightshade." He said.

"Thank you." She said as she took back the wheel and resumed steering. "We need to land as soon as possible. Go and grab a map of the region and find us a lake to land in." She ordered. Max saluted and raced below deck as instructed.

Nightshade felt a bit nervous now that she knew they were in a rush. Although the ship had a reasonably high top speed, it wasn't meant to be rushed. It took a long time for the ship to come to top speed and just as long to slow it down to a halt. Then again, The Drachenkin wasn't necessarily meant for piracy either and they had managed to repurpose it for that rather effectively. It was interesting to note that the modifications the ship had recieved for its new purpose, namely metal plates to protect the underbelly, wings, roters, and balloons which kept the ship afloat, had made the ship much heavier and more cumbersome but much more powerful. The plates on the underbelly extended up to the bow and met with the bowsprit at the front, where a Lugia figurehead was fixed. It was the ship's namesake, for it flew like the draconic guardian of the sea.

The ship suddenly shook under her feet. The roters which kept the ship afloat stopped spinning, as did the rear rotors which kept the ship going at full speed. This was bad! The ship couldn't keep afloat on balloon power alone! Moments later, a voice spoke through the communication pipes which ran through the whole ship. "The engine is down! Repeat, engine is down! All hands take crash preparations!"

The deck was suddenly a hub of activity! The flying mounts that inhabited the ship, seven in total, took to the air and flew around the ship, keeping close to it so they wouldn't be lost in the sky. All of the non-flying crew members rushed up to the mast and grabbed a rope. Each one of them tied their waists to a rope tied to a knob at the base of the mast. This acted as a lifeline in the event that somebody would slip overboard during the ship's descent. None of that mattered to Nightshade at the moment. Her job was to stear the ship in the right direction. It was lucky that they had already been moving at its top speed, or else the ship would never be able to have any sort of managable landing.

Max rushed up to the helm with two ropes in hand and a map in the other. First, he tied the ropes to the railing behind Nightshade and then tied one of the ropes to his waist and the other to Nightshade's waste. Then he opened up the map and pointed out a lake in the next town, Andalusst. "If we keep going in this direction we should land in the Andalusst sancuary." Max explained as he grabbed hold of the railing. Nightshade noddd and focused on flying.

The ship started to descend. The balloons were important to the ship in terms of boyancy in the sky, but now they could only slow down their plummet as the ship lost altitude. The sea of fog below them slowly came towards them and before long they submerged into it. The whole ship quaked as it flew through the thick clouds. Several of the rotors broke off without warning. The fog was thick enough to legitimately damage their ship! The central mast shook back and forth as it took the brunt of the wind damage. The crow's nest snapped off the mast and fell down, striking the quarter deck. The whole crew panicked. Max in particular started to fear for his life. "We're gonna die! We're gonna die! We're not going to live!" Max exclaimed, grabbing onto Nightshade's waste.

The Weavile cursed and kicked him off. "Would you shut up?! We are not going to die!" Nightshade yelled. They broke through the wall of fog into clear airspace. The ship had entered Andalusst. In the distance, Nightshade could see that a small city was directly in their path. She threw the wheel to the right in panic, turning the ailerons of the ship's wings to direct them away from the town. The ship started to reach the ground. The rear flap snapped off as the ship made contact, and moments later the hull grinded against the earth. The entire ship rumbled like an earthquake, sending the crew off their feet and Nightshade into the steering wheel. She couldn't process the next few moments as the Drachenkin skidded to a halt a few hundred feet from a lake.
The Drachenkin (ch 1)
Recently on my Tumblr I introduced a new character, a Weavile named Nightshade. She is a sky pirate who is captain of the only airship in the PMDU world, the Drachenkin.  This is the start of her story, wherein things go somewhat wrong with the ship as it heads towards Andalusst.

I'm going to introduce a few more chapters to flesh out her and the crew over the next few weeks. But until then, enjoy this introduction.

Ask Team Freedom - PMDU Tumblr
Nightshade: Info will be posted soon.
After what must have been years of almost no actual activity here (save for the occasional post), I'm gonna try to use my DeviantArt again. The main reason I left was cause I preferred my Tumblr much better than here, and because the number of follower notifications I sorted through on a daily basis was (and still is) absurd. I'm gonna unfollow a bunch of people that I wouldn't actively watch and are not aquainted with as time goes by. So... ya. Here I am. Cool?
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~~~~The Basalt Halls~~~~~

    A mysterious atmosphere filled the air of the ancient dungeon. Pillars of basalt lined the walls of the cavern, making for geometric patterns that could almost be called artistic. Occasionally, the dungeoneering group passed by a small pool of water formed from a stream trickling down from the ceiling. The area must have been close to or within the water table of the local area. Mithora took a deep breath of the refreshingly cool air and sighed. It had been a long time since she’d been dungeoneering. There was hardly any need for it when traveling by dragon through the fog. This dungeon would be easy to explore, she heard. Perfect for Layron and herself to get back into practice.

    “Hey, wait up!” A companion exclaimed. Mithora turned to see that Layron had finally caught up. Riding atop his head was a Chinchou with a rather smug look on his face, holding his antennas as if they were reigns on Layron. “Yeish. This place isn’t gonna move, ya know! Why ya so rushed?”

    Mithora chuckled. “Cetus, don’t blame me for being excited alright?” She replied. “I haven’t been dung’ing in a long time.”

    “Dun ging?” Cetus asked. “Is that some sorta bell?”

    “No, it’s an abbreviation of... you know what? It doesn’t matter.” Mithora scowled and continued onward through the pathway. For the task of exploring and securing this dungeon, Mithora’s team had been assigned a particular segment of the ‘Basalt Halls’, as everybody was calling them. The name had a nice ring to it, Mithora had to admit. They’d asked Cetus and Virgo of Team Starmap to accompany them for the sake of back-up in case they came into a skirmish - there were Barboaches around the dungeon that were weak but none-the-less a threat, and Mithora and Layron were not equipped to handle a myriad of water and ground type fish. “Here!” Mithora exclaimed, rushing over to a door hidden in a depression in the wall. “This is where we need to be.” She said, opening the door up and immediately creeping back in surprise.

    “What’s up? Is the floor lava?” Cetus asked, hopping down from Layron’s head and onto Mithora’s back.

    Mithora shook the Chinchou off as soon as he tried to mount her - she wasn’t a steed to be rode. “There’s water on the floor...” She remarked.

    “Whaaaat? That’s lame!” Cetus exclaimed in reply, bounding into the room. The room was empty apart from a pile of stone and dirt on the opposite wall. “I wanted to do some parkour! Oh hey, where’s...” Cetus turned to see his Mudkip partner Virgo finally joining them. He’d been slow to follow the group the whole way down into the dungeon, nor had he spoken to anyone in the group apart from the occasional comment or reply to Cetus - clearly something was wrong that was making him upset, but when asked about it he said it wasn’t anything important so the topic wasn’t pursued. “Hey there you are, sadsack!” Cetus exclaimed, racing over to his friend. “Hey, chin up! There’s all sorts of ways you can prove how awesome you are here! Like-”

    “Like disabling that trap?” Layron asked, walking into the room and pointing out the pile of rocks and sand. Before anybody could ask what he meant, he splashed some water at the spot with his tail and some of it caught on some thin strings. They were attached to the floor and some loose rocks in the ceiling, and pulling on them or running into them would almost certainly mean getting buried.

    “Ya, just like that!” Cetus exclaimed. “Go for it, bud!” He slapped Virgo on the back for encouragement.

    Virgo just turned and said “I don’t wanna. I’ll just mess it up...” He sighed deeply and kicked the water.

    Concerned, Cetus ran around his friend to look him in the eye and said “C’mon! Don’t you wanna go to that town? Geodude or whatever it was called?”


    “Ya! You were acting excited to be going there and-” The two were interrupted by the sound of collapsing rubble. In the time they’d been talking, Layron had already removed most of the triggers and set off the trap remotely and safely so nobody else could be hurt by it. “Well... don’t worry bud! You’ll do good!” Cetus concluded with a friendly slap of his friend’s arm.

    Mithora meanwhile had been inspecting the doors in the room. One was completely free to open but the other was closed up with a strange locking mechanism. The keyhole was shaped oddly. Clearly a specific key was needed. “We need to either break this door down or find the key.” Mithora said. “I suggest we inspect the unlocked area first.”

    Layron bobbed his head in agreement and turned to the other door, pulling the handle - the door handle came off and the door fell off its hinges into the room. Curious, the four of them looked in the chamber. The inside was relatively empty. They marched into the room, eyes on all corners for any signs of aggressors. Already they could see that the two doors in the room were both locked. Virgo jumped at an odd sound - something like a shadow darting across the room. “We should look around for any shiny thingies!” Layron exclaimed. He turned to a corner with an outcrop of basalt and exclaimed “Like dat shiny fishy over der!”

    Confused, the others looked at the rocky outcrop for an explanation. One hopped out from behind cover a moment later - a Barboach wielding... “Is that a plunger?” Mithora asked herself.

    “You fooools!” The Barboach exclaimed through the wooden handle of the plunger which he swung to and fro as if to intimidate the four dungeoneers. “You daaare enter these halls? By coming in here, you have defied the sanctity of the great kingdom of King Wussy Whiskers Montgeomery Mudsuckery Sedimus Munge the fourth! Your transgression shall not be forgiven - thou shalt buuuurn in the great depths of this dungeon! Or... well, drown, but... you know what I mean!”

    Confused, the four of them looked at the Barboach and waited for him to do something. “Should... should we leave, or fight him...?” Virgo asked, completely dumbfounded by this excuse for a soldier.

    “Nah, let him go on. I just love watching Pokemon do this.” Mithora remarked - unlike the others, she had a bit of amusement mixed in with her confusion.

    Angered, the Barboach slapped the muddy ground with his plunger and threw balls of mud at everyone. Mithora in particular was hit hard, the mud flying right into her eyes. She gasped in pain and retreated back into the previous room, running into a wall along the way. Layron meanwhile turned to the Barboach with a weird smile and rushed forward, grabbing its tail and throwing him at the wall. The Barboach slapped into the basalt wall with a loud smack, falling to the floor in a daze. With a smile that could only be described as terrifying, Layron grabbed the Barboach again and started slamming him into the wall over and over.

    “Stop!” Virgo exclaimed after merely a moment of watching the display. “D-don’t- w-what are you d-doing?!”

    Cetus took action, lashing his antenna out and grabbing Layron’s arm with it. “Dude, that’s enough! Jeez! No need to gut him!” He exclaimed. Cetus pried Layron’s fingers open with his other antenna and made him drop the Barboach, who had to stifle nausea as soon as he was on the floor. The Chinchou turned to his partner, only to find that he had retreated in fear.

    The two electric types checked the previous room to find Virgo cowering in a corner and Mithora trying to wash the mud out of her eyes. Cetus and Layron went to join their respective partners and tried to help them. It was ten minutes before they were all back in action - it took Mithora quite a while to get her eyes to stop burning after having mud tossed in her eyes, and even then they looked red and bloodshot. Virgo, meanwhile, had grown scared of Layron for how brutal he acted (and rightly so), but Cetus was eventually able to convince him that Layron was only trying to defeat their foe and that he wouldn’t hurt him... probably... maybe not but still, he couldn’t give up now!

    With everything settled, they returned to the second room and explored some more - it turned out that there was a key laying behind the outcrop. It opened up the eastern door and enabled them passage - the very next chamber saw them faced against a Barboach wielding a spoon. “Fooooools! You-” He couldn’t even finish his statement before Layron slapped him with his tail, forcing the Barboach to spit out the spoon. Annoyed, the Barboach concentrated hard on... something. Whatever the fish was doing was completely ruined when Layron slapped him with his tail again. The Barboach kept trying whatever he was doing three times more, each one getting interrupted by a casual slap from Layron’s tail. “Stop that!” He finally exclaimed. “How am I supposed to attack you with epic psychic power if I can’t even concentrate long enough to see in the future to attack you?”

    Annoyed, Mithora marched forward and stepped on the Barboach’s tail. “That’s enough out of you.” She grumbled. grabbing his tailfin with her mouth and tossing him into a room in the south.

    Before they started heading into the next room, Virgo exclaimed “Look what I found!” Everyone turned to see a whole bunch of strange mushrooms, the biggest of which seemed to be covered in a flesh-like substance. Virgo pulled the fleshy mushroom and explained “This is fleshcap! It’s a substitute for meat that lots of carnivores eat. The guild admins said they wanted us to gather these things.”

    “Great job, Virgo.” Mithora said. “I guess Layron and I missed that memo - would you mind carrying that for us?”

    Virgo, happy to be doing something for the group, stuck the harvested fleshcap in his satchel and followed everyone else into the southern room. There, they found the ‘psychic’ Barboach from before unconscious on the floor next to a very fat Barboach laying beside him, feeding on what looked like a root. It turned upon hearing the dungeoneers enter the room, but made a grunt of carelessness before going back to his root. Shrugging, the four of them entered the room and inspected it for anything important. Laying carelessly to one side of the room was another key, set next to a series of poisonous stingers jutting out from the floor. Perhaps the key was supposed to be placed amongst them? The gluttonous Barboach made no effort to stop neither Layron as he removed the stingers from the floor and disposed of them nor Virgo as he grabbed the key and quickly rushed out of the room.

    The four of them returned to the northern room and came to the western door. Hopefully they wouldn’t run into any trouble behind it. Before Virgo could open it, Mithora stopped him and said “I’d like to thank you again for coming along with us.These things are weak but they’re none-the-less a threat and we really appreciate the help.” With a smile, Virgo nodded in thanks and opened the locked door.

    The room beyond was... strange. It seemed like a sort of storage room in retrospect, but the random crates laying about were ransacked and empty. The walls were covered with small streams of water, only they defied gravity and flowed upwards instead of down! At the south end of the room was an outcrop of rock that looked like it had threads of wool growing like ore. At the north end was another trap similar to the one from the first room - a few strings of web attached to a loose ceiling. At the west end was another Barboach wielding a plunger, only this one in particular was wearing a makeshift helmet made from some sort of wooden pot. “Fools! You-”

    Mithora interrupted him and exclaimed “Why does everybody and there wife in this place call us fools? If anything, you are the fools for thinking a plunger is a weapon.”

    “Well plunge this!” The Barboach exclaimed, throwing the plunger at them. Unfortunately, his lack of throwing ability made his toss fall short and the plunger merely bounced on the floor a few times before coming to rest at the group’s feet. A pause, and then the Barboach admitted “Maybe you’re right” before slamming the ground with his tail, causing the whole room to shake. The group panicked and rushed over to the crates to steady themselves. A weak instance of Magnitude, but a potentially dangerous move none-the-less! “Hahaha! See? We’re dangerous! We can fight! I am the great Corporal Callan the Catalytic!”

    “Well, you can fight but you all are still ignorant.” Mithora retorted, rolling her eyes in response to his name. “Do you know what a catalyst is?”

    “Yes! It’s a thing with cat whiskers! Like me!” The Barboach slammed the ground and triggered another Magnitude attack, this time much stronger! The ground broke under the group’s feet and the rupturing earth caused them injury. Taken by surprise, Mithora got back on her feet and tried to attack the Barboach with Flame Charge. However, She was met with a swift Water Gun that stopped her attack short and a moment later she was slapped out of the way with an Aqua Tail. The Barboach captain tried to finish her off with Magnitude, but he was zapped by a strange bolt of electricity. It didn’t seem to harm him, but it caught his attention none-the-less. Layron was out in the middle of the room, glaring harshly at the Barboach yet still with a smile on his face. He raced forward before the Barboach could attack and grabbed his helmet, pulled it off, and then slammed it back down on the Barboach’s head. The fish grunted in pain as the wood struck his head. Layron tossed the helmet aside slapped the dazed fish with his tail, knocking him out. With the threat defeated, Layron rushed over to Mithora and started to drag her out of the room.

    Cetus and Virgo were left to disable the trap and gather the stonespool from the outcrop Virgo ended up doing most of the work due to Cetus having ineffective methods. Without a pickaxe to harvest the stonespool, Virgo showed Cetus another means of getting the task done - using his Water Gun attack to break up the weak parts of the rock. It turned out the stone was quite grainy, easy enough to break up with the force of rushing water. As for the trap, Virgo had the clever idea of using Icy Wind to freeze the triggers and then carefully broke the frozen wires. The trap was disabled without any trouble. While Virgo worked, Cetus happened to look around and find a key hidden in one of the crates. Hopefully it opened the only door they had yet to unlock.

    Back in the central northern room, Cetus and Virgo found Layron tending to Mithora’s wounds as best he could. The water attacks had left her with a black char on her face, where her warm body had been doused and cooled down tremendously. Layron was currently trying to warm up that charred fur as best he could to get her body back to stable temperature, though the friction of rubbing his hands together wouldn’t really be enough. Cetus asked if Mithora knew any fire type moves that could warm her body up properly which he could Mimic, but her only fire type move of use was Flame Charge - to violent to use in moderation.

    It seemed the Barboach had gotten a very lucky shot on her, and it was apparent that Mithora needed to retreat. She wasn’t fit for exploring a dungeon of water and ground type Pokemon. Virgo offered to take Mithora back up to the surface to have the doused skin treated properly, but Mithora refused. “We need to finish exploring this floor.” She muttered, rolling onto her paws and struggling to get up. She managed to remain standing but her legs wobbled just a bit, to the concern of the group. When it was brought up, she simply brushed it off and said she was fine. “I don’t surrender just because of a few injuries. I’m not mortally wounded.”

    Cetus took the key to the central room’s southern door. The key fit the lock and the door opened. The Chinchou carelessly walked into the room and almost immediately stepped onto a loose tile on the floor. Bubbles immediately shot out of the floor and assailed Cetus, who brushed off the trap like it was nothing. “No problem.” He said with a smug look as he found the mechanism for the trap and ripped it up from the ground, disabling it. The others entered the room shortly thereafter and looked around cautiously for any aggressors. There were none to be found in that room the room to the west of there, although Virgo did manage to come across some more Fleshcap. On the stem of one of the mushrooms was a key, which Virgo took and found to match with the only other door in the area.

    As soon as the door opened, a Barboach in the doorway attacked with an Aqua Pulse. Layron was the quickest to react, jumping on top of Mithora to protect her as the attack flew overhead. After that first attack, the Barboach retreated into the room and made the same move, throwing an Aqua Pulse attack at the four of them. This time they ducked under the attack and rushed into the room to retaliate. Cetus was the first to attack, using Mimic to generate a Water Pulse of his own. Unlike the Barboach’s attacks, this one struck and left the foe in a daze. Layron took the opportunity to rush up to the Barboach and slam him with his tail, knocking the fish against the wall.

    The Barboach managed to pick himself up to fight some more. “Thy who dares intrude on the domain of King Wussy Whiskers Montgeomery Mudsuckery Sedimus Munge the fourth (his grace)! You shall pay the price!”

    “How much?” Layron asked.

    “Ahm...” The Barboach paused. “Fifty star coins.”

    “No thanks.” Layron said with a delightful smile as he punched the ground, setting off a tremor that made the ground rupture. The Bulldoze attack affected everyone in the room including Mithora and Cetus, both of whom were vulnerable to the move. They both lost their balance from the attack’s shockwave and took some harm from the rumbling earth. Thankfully the move wouldn’t have to be used again, as the attack had been plenty enough to take out the Barboach.

    When the dust cleared, everything else in the room had been taken care of thanks to that single attack. The trap that had once been in the center of the room had been set off and covered in a pile of rubble, thankfully with nobody underneath it. There had been a resource cache of Meatroots - roots of a strange plant that tasted like meat and gave all the nutrients of the real thing - but it had been destroyed in the attack. Most importantly, the locked door at the west end of the room had been shaken off its hinges and was now free to pull open. “I did it!” Layron exclaimed.

    Mithora slowly stood up again, having greater difficulty this time from the sudden rupture of the ground having tossed her body onto the floor. “Ngh... I asked you not to use that while we were in here.” Mithora commented.

    “Ya, what’s the big idea?” Cetus grumbled in agreement, picking himself up with the help of his partner.

    “I’s was just protecting Mithy!” Layron complained in a sad tone. “I’s sorry...”

    Mithora shook her head - what she wouldn’t be able to do without him, she thought to herself. At the very least, the path through this sector of the dungeon was clear. They had even gathered resources and disabled all the traps - their mission was accomplished.

PMD-U Team Freedom Dungeon 1
Our heroes find themselves in the Basalt Halls, an old dungeon that marks the path to a new land. Will our heroes be able to conqure the ancient halls? Or will they be washed away because the only enemies in the entire freaking dungeon are water/ground types, both of which are advantageous against our heroes?

Well they probably will since they are the protagonists and this isn't a tragedy story... yet


Mithora and Layron: Team Freedom ~ scaper12123

Virgo and Cetus: Team StarMap ~ CrazyIguana


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