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First off, I'd like to thank the people who are following me for giving me the notice. it means a lot u.u
In case you hadn't guessed already, I'm opening writing commissions!

I’m offering cheap writing commissions to anyone who wants them! The format is somewhat simple - 

$8 for a 2000 word story,

add as many words to the word-count you want for $3 per additional 500 words,

request up to three characters to be the focus of the story (chars I put in for story purposes do not count). Four or more character-focused story waves an additional $4 fee.

You can see an example of a 2000 word story written by me in —>this link<—

Things I will write about - Pokemon is my most experienced category of writing. However, I will write for any original characters, human or furry (furry preferred). Most topics accepted. Yes, I will accept nsfw commissions (especially hyper, macro, and growth related stories).

Things I will not write about - gore, scat, watersports, muscles, and possibly a few other very weird things that will probably be added to this list as people try to commission me for them.

Things you should ask me about before commissioning me for them - 

  • fandom-affiliated commissions - I won’t accept a commission to write a Homestuck story, or some such thing, because 1) I might not be at all interested in that fandom, and 2) since I lack interest in a particular fandom, the story that will result will either be poor quality or require too much research to be worth my and your time.
  • strange or unusual fetishes - I understand if you think that hyper, macro, and general growing are strange commissions, but they aren’t to me u///u. Never-the-less I recognize that there are other fetishes out there and, other than the ones on my ‘nope’ list, I will be willing to write for them provided that you bring them up to me and describe them for me.

That should be about it in terms of what I will do. In order to commission me, send me a note with desired word countnumber of characters and references for those characters, and other relevant details (in case your commission falls under ‘things you should ask me about’). Upon accepting your commission, I will return to you within 2-3 days with a summary of plot events that will happen in your story. If you find these acceptable, then I shall send you an email address through which you can make the payment

All commission payments will be taken through Paypal

Thanks in advance for commissioning me!

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~~~~The Basalt Halls~~~~~

    A mysterious atmosphere filled the air of the ancient dungeon. Pillars of basalt lined the walls of the cavern, making for geometric patterns that could almost be called artistic. Occasionally, the dungeoneering group passed by a small pool of water formed from a stream trickling down from the ceiling. The area must have been close to or within the water table of the local area. Mithora took a deep breath of the refreshingly cool air and sighed. It had been a long time since she’d been dungeoneering. There was hardly any need for it when traveling by dragon through the fog. This dungeon would be easy to explore, she heard. Perfect for Layron and herself to get back into practice.

    “Hey, wait up!” A companion exclaimed. Mithora turned to see that Layron had finally caught up. Riding atop his head was a Chinchou with a rather smug look on his face, holding his antennas as if they were reigns on Layron. “Yeish. This place isn’t gonna move, ya know! Why ya so rushed?”

    Mithora chuckled. “Cetus, don’t blame me for being excited alright?” She replied. “I haven’t been dung’ing in a long time.”

    “Dun ging?” Cetus asked. “Is that some sorta bell?”

    “No, it’s an abbreviation of... you know what? It doesn’t matter.” Mithora scowled and continued onward through the pathway. For the task of exploring and securing this dungeon, Mithora’s team had been assigned a particular segment of the ‘Basalt Halls’, as everybody was calling them. The name had a nice ring to it, Mithora had to admit. They’d asked Cetus and Virgo of Team Starmap to accompany them for the sake of back-up in case they came into a skirmish - there were Barboaches around the dungeon that were weak but none-the-less a threat, and Mithora and Layron were not equipped to handle a myriad of water and ground type fish. “Here!” Mithora exclaimed, rushing over to a door hidden in a depression in the wall. “This is where we need to be.” She said, opening the door up and immediately creeping back in surprise.

    “What’s up? Is the floor lava?” Cetus asked, hopping down from Layron’s head and onto Mithora’s back.

    Mithora shook the Chinchou off as soon as he tried to mount her - she wasn’t a steed to be rode. “There’s water on the floor...” She remarked.

    “Whaaaat? That’s lame!” Cetus exclaimed in reply, bounding into the room. The room was empty apart from a pile of stone and dirt on the opposite wall. “I wanted to do some parkour! Oh hey, where’s...” Cetus turned to see his Mudkip partner Virgo finally joining them. He’d been slow to follow the group the whole way down into the dungeon, nor had he spoken to anyone in the group apart from the occasional comment or reply to Cetus - clearly something was wrong that was making him upset, but when asked about it he said it wasn’t anything important so the topic wasn’t pursued. “Hey there you are, sadsack!” Cetus exclaimed, racing over to his friend. “Hey, chin up! There’s all sorts of ways you can prove how awesome you are here! Like-”

    “Like disabling that trap?” Layron asked, walking into the room and pointing out the pile of rocks and sand. Before anybody could ask what he meant, he splashed some water at the spot with his tail and some of it caught on some thin strings. They were attached to the floor and some loose rocks in the ceiling, and pulling on them or running into them would almost certainly mean getting buried.

    “Ya, just like that!” Cetus exclaimed. “Go for it, bud!” He slapped Virgo on the back for encouragement.

    Virgo just turned and said “I don’t wanna. I’ll just mess it up...” He sighed deeply and kicked the water.

    Concerned, Cetus ran around his friend to look him in the eye and said “C’mon! Don’t you wanna go to that town? Geodude or whatever it was called?”


    “Ya! You were acting excited to be going there and-” The two were interrupted by the sound of collapsing rubble. In the time they’d been talking, Layron had already removed most of the triggers and set off the trap remotely and safely so nobody else could be hurt by it. “Well... don’t worry bud! You’ll do good!” Cetus concluded with a friendly slap of his friend’s arm.

    Mithora meanwhile had been inspecting the doors in the room. One was completely free to open but the other was closed up with a strange locking mechanism. The keyhole was shaped oddly. Clearly a specific key was needed. “We need to either break this door down or find the key.” Mithora said. “I suggest we inspect the unlocked area first.”

    Layron bobbed his head in agreement and turned to the other door, pulling the handle - the door handle came off and the door fell off its hinges into the room. Curious, the four of them looked in the chamber. The inside was relatively empty. They marched into the room, eyes on all corners for any signs of aggressors. Already they could see that the two doors in the room were both locked. Virgo jumped at an odd sound - something like a shadow darting across the room. “We should look around for any shiny thingies!” Layron exclaimed. He turned to a corner with an outcrop of basalt and exclaimed “Like dat shiny fishy over der!”

    Confused, the others looked at the rocky outcrop for an explanation. One hopped out from behind cover a moment later - a Barboach wielding... “Is that a plunger?” Mithora asked herself.

    “You fooools!” The Barboach exclaimed through the wooden handle of the plunger which he swung to and fro as if to intimidate the four dungeoneers. “You daaare enter these halls? By coming in here, you have defied the sanctity of the great kingdom of King Wussy Whiskers Montgeomery Mudsuckery Sedimus Munge the fourth! Your transgression shall not be forgiven - thou shalt buuuurn in the great depths of this dungeon! Or... well, drown, but... you know what I mean!”

    Confused, the four of them looked at the Barboach and waited for him to do something. “Should... should we leave, or fight him...?” Virgo asked, completely dumbfounded by this excuse for a soldier.

    “Nah, let him go on. I just love watching Pokemon do this.” Mithora remarked - unlike the others, she had a bit of amusement mixed in with her confusion.

    Angered, the Barboach slapped the muddy ground with his plunger and threw balls of mud at everyone. Mithora in particular was hit hard, the mud flying right into her eyes. She gasped in pain and retreated back into the previous room, running into a wall along the way. Layron meanwhile turned to the Barboach with a weird smile and rushed forward, grabbing its tail and throwing him at the wall. The Barboach slapped into the basalt wall with a loud smack, falling to the floor in a daze. With a smile that could only be described as terrifying, Layron grabbed the Barboach again and started slamming him into the wall over and over.

    “Stop!” Virgo exclaimed after merely a moment of watching the display. “D-don’t- w-what are you d-doing?!”

    Cetus took action, lashing his antenna out and grabbing Layron’s arm with it. “Dude, that’s enough! Jeez! No need to gut him!” He exclaimed. Cetus pried Layron’s fingers open with his other antenna and made him drop the Barboach, who had to stifle nausea as soon as he was on the floor. The Chinchou turned to his partner, only to find that he had retreated in fear.

    The two electric types checked the previous room to find Virgo cowering in a corner and Mithora trying to wash the mud out of her eyes. Cetus and Layron went to join their respective partners and tried to help them. It was ten minutes before they were all back in action - it took Mithora quite a while to get her eyes to stop burning after having mud tossed in her eyes, and even then they looked red and bloodshot. Virgo, meanwhile, had grown scared of Layron for how brutal he acted (and rightly so), but Cetus was eventually able to convince him that Layron was only trying to defeat their foe and that he wouldn’t hurt him... probably... maybe not but still, he couldn’t give up now!

    With everything settled, they returned to the second room and explored some more - it turned out that there was a key laying behind the outcrop. It opened up the eastern door and enabled them passage - the very next chamber saw them faced against a Barboach wielding a spoon. “Fooooools! You-” He couldn’t even finish his statement before Layron slapped him with his tail, forcing the Barboach to spit out the spoon. Annoyed, the Barboach concentrated hard on... something. Whatever the fish was doing was completely ruined when Layron slapped him with his tail again. The Barboach kept trying whatever he was doing three times more, each one getting interrupted by a casual slap from Layron’s tail. “Stop that!” He finally exclaimed. “How am I supposed to attack you with epic psychic power if I can’t even concentrate long enough to see in the future to attack you?”

    Annoyed, Mithora marched forward and stepped on the Barboach’s tail. “That’s enough out of you.” She grumbled. grabbing his tailfin with her mouth and tossing him into a room in the south.

    Before they started heading into the next room, Virgo exclaimed “Look what I found!” Everyone turned to see a whole bunch of strange mushrooms, the biggest of which seemed to be covered in a flesh-like substance. Virgo pulled the fleshy mushroom and explained “This is fleshcap! It’s a substitute for meat that lots of carnivores eat. The guild admins said they wanted us to gather these things.”

    “Great job, Virgo.” Mithora said. “I guess Layron and I missed that memo - would you mind carrying that for us?”

    Virgo, happy to be doing something for the group, stuck the harvested fleshcap in his satchel and followed everyone else into the southern room. There, they found the ‘psychic’ Barboach from before unconscious on the floor next to a very fat Barboach laying beside him, feeding on what looked like a root. It turned upon hearing the dungeoneers enter the room, but made a grunt of carelessness before going back to his root. Shrugging, the four of them entered the room and inspected it for anything important. Laying carelessly to one side of the room was another key, set next to a series of poisonous stingers jutting out from the floor. Perhaps the key was supposed to be placed amongst them? The gluttonous Barboach made no effort to stop neither Layron as he removed the stingers from the floor and disposed of them nor Virgo as he grabbed the key and quickly rushed out of the room.

    The four of them returned to the northern room and came to the western door. Hopefully they wouldn’t run into any trouble behind it. Before Virgo could open it, Mithora stopped him and said “I’d like to thank you again for coming along with us.These things are weak but they’re none-the-less a threat and we really appreciate the help.” With a smile, Virgo nodded in thanks and opened the locked door.

    The room beyond was... strange. It seemed like a sort of storage room in retrospect, but the random crates laying about were ransacked and empty. The walls were covered with small streams of water, only they defied gravity and flowed upwards instead of down! At the south end of the room was an outcrop of rock that looked like it had threads of wool growing like ore. At the north end was another trap similar to the one from the first room - a few strings of web attached to a loose ceiling. At the west end was another Barboach wielding a plunger, only this one in particular was wearing a makeshift helmet made from some sort of wooden pot. “Fools! You-”

    Mithora interrupted him and exclaimed “Why does everybody and there wife in this place call us fools? If anything, you are the fools for thinking a plunger is a weapon.”

    “Well plunge this!” The Barboach exclaimed, throwing the plunger at them. Unfortunately, his lack of throwing ability made his toss fall short and the plunger merely bounced on the floor a few times before coming to rest at the group’s feet. A pause, and then the Barboach admitted “Maybe you’re right” before slamming the ground with his tail, causing the whole room to shake. The group panicked and rushed over to the crates to steady themselves. A weak instance of Magnitude, but a potentially dangerous move none-the-less! “Hahaha! See? We’re dangerous! We can fight! I am the great Corporal Callan the Catalytic!”

    “Well, you can fight but you all are still ignorant.” Mithora retorted, rolling her eyes in response to his name. “Do you know what a catalyst is?”

    “Yes! It’s a thing with cat whiskers! Like me!” The Barboach slammed the ground and triggered another Magnitude attack, this time much stronger! The ground broke under the group’s feet and the rupturing earth caused them injury. Taken by surprise, Mithora got back on her feet and tried to attack the Barboach with Flame Charge. However, She was met with a swift Water Gun that stopped her attack short and a moment later she was slapped out of the way with an Aqua Tail. The Barboach captain tried to finish her off with Magnitude, but he was zapped by a strange bolt of electricity. It didn’t seem to harm him, but it caught his attention none-the-less. Layron was out in the middle of the room, glaring harshly at the Barboach yet still with a smile on his face. He raced forward before the Barboach could attack and grabbed his helmet, pulled it off, and then slammed it back down on the Barboach’s head. The fish grunted in pain as the wood struck his head. Layron tossed the helmet aside slapped the dazed fish with his tail, knocking him out. With the threat defeated, Layron rushed over to Mithora and started to drag her out of the room.

    Cetus and Virgo were left to disable the trap and gather the stonespool from the outcrop Virgo ended up doing most of the work due to Cetus having ineffective methods. Without a pickaxe to harvest the stonespool, Virgo showed Cetus another means of getting the task done - using his Water Gun attack to break up the weak parts of the rock. It turned out the stone was quite grainy, easy enough to break up with the force of rushing water. As for the trap, Virgo had the clever idea of using Icy Wind to freeze the triggers and then carefully broke the frozen wires. The trap was disabled without any trouble. While Virgo worked, Cetus happened to look around and find a key hidden in one of the crates. Hopefully it opened the only door they had yet to unlock.

    Back in the central northern room, Cetus and Virgo found Layron tending to Mithora’s wounds as best he could. The water attacks had left her with a black char on her face, where her warm body had been doused and cooled down tremendously. Layron was currently trying to warm up that charred fur as best he could to get her body back to stable temperature, though the friction of rubbing his hands together wouldn’t really be enough. Cetus asked if Mithora knew any fire type moves that could warm her body up properly which he could Mimic, but her only fire type move of use was Flame Charge - to violent to use in moderation.

    It seemed the Barboach had gotten a very lucky shot on her, and it was apparent that Mithora needed to retreat. She wasn’t fit for exploring a dungeon of water and ground type Pokemon. Virgo offered to take Mithora back up to the surface to have the doused skin treated properly, but Mithora refused. “We need to finish exploring this floor.” She muttered, rolling onto her paws and struggling to get up. She managed to remain standing but her legs wobbled just a bit, to the concern of the group. When it was brought up, she simply brushed it off and said she was fine. “I don’t surrender just because of a few injuries. I’m not mortally wounded.”

    Cetus took the key to the central room’s southern door. The key fit the lock and the door opened. The Chinchou carelessly walked into the room and almost immediately stepped onto a loose tile on the floor. Bubbles immediately shot out of the floor and assailed Cetus, who brushed off the trap like it was nothing. “No problem.” He said with a smug look as he found the mechanism for the trap and ripped it up from the ground, disabling it. The others entered the room shortly thereafter and looked around cautiously for any aggressors. There were none to be found in that room the room to the west of there, although Virgo did manage to come across some more Fleshcap. On the stem of one of the mushrooms was a key, which Virgo took and found to match with the only other door in the area.

    As soon as the door opened, a Barboach in the doorway attacked with an Aqua Pulse. Layron was the quickest to react, jumping on top of Mithora to protect her as the attack flew overhead. After that first attack, the Barboach retreated into the room and made the same move, throwing an Aqua Pulse attack at the four of them. This time they ducked under the attack and rushed into the room to retaliate. Cetus was the first to attack, using Mimic to generate a Water Pulse of his own. Unlike the Barboach’s attacks, this one struck and left the foe in a daze. Layron took the opportunity to rush up to the Barboach and slam him with his tail, knocking the fish against the wall.

    The Barboach managed to pick himself up to fight some more. “Thy who dares intrude on the domain of King Wussy Whiskers Montgeomery Mudsuckery Sedimus Munge the fourth (his grace)! You shall pay the price!”

    “How much?” Layron asked.

    “Ahm...” The Barboach paused. “Fifty star coins.”

    “No thanks.” Layron said with a delightful smile as he punched the ground, setting off a tremor that made the ground rupture. The Bulldoze attack affected everyone in the room including Mithora and Cetus, both of whom were vulnerable to the move. They both lost their balance from the attack’s shockwave and took some harm from the rumbling earth. Thankfully the move wouldn’t have to be used again, as the attack had been plenty enough to take out the Barboach.

    When the dust cleared, everything else in the room had been taken care of thanks to that single attack. The trap that had once been in the center of the room had been set off and covered in a pile of rubble, thankfully with nobody underneath it. There had been a resource cache of Meatroots - roots of a strange plant that tasted like meat and gave all the nutrients of the real thing - but it had been destroyed in the attack. Most importantly, the locked door at the west end of the room had been shaken off its hinges and was now free to pull open. “I did it!” Layron exclaimed.

    Mithora slowly stood up again, having greater difficulty this time from the sudden rupture of the ground having tossed her body onto the floor. “Ngh... I asked you not to use that while we were in here.” Mithora commented.

    “Ya, what’s the big idea?” Cetus grumbled in agreement, picking himself up with the help of his partner.

    “I’s was just protecting Mithy!” Layron complained in a sad tone. “I’s sorry...”

    Mithora shook her head - what she wouldn’t be able to do without him, she thought to herself. At the very least, the path through this sector of the dungeon was clear. They had even gathered resources and disabled all the traps - their mission was accomplished.

PMD-U Team Freedom Dungeon 1
Our heroes find themselves in the Basalt Halls, an old dungeon that marks the path to a new land. Will our heroes be able to conqure the ancient halls? Or will they be washed away because the only enemies in the entire freaking dungeon are water/ground types, both of which are advantageous against our heroes?

Well they probably will since they are the protagonists and this isn't a tragedy story... yet


Mithora and Layron: Team Freedom ~ scaper12123

Virgo and Cetus: Team StarMap ~ CrazyIguana

    Mithora tugged at the reigns of the cart as hard as she could, but for simple balls of fiber the cargo turned out to be very hard to pull. Still, Mithora needed to get this delivery to Chantelle’s fashion studio as quickly as possible as they had been given special instructions not to be late.

    “Do you needs some help, Mithy?” Layron said, popping his head out from the piles of spoolstone to speak with his partner.

    “No, I’m just pretending to make-” Mithora paused before saying “Yes actually, I do need help.” She often forgot that Layron rarely understood sarcasm. It just wasn’t something he was meant for. Mithora, meanwhile, was not meant to be pulling a cart loaded with tons of stone-based threads across town under the pressure of a time limit. “Get down from there and give me a hand.”

    “Aaaaaw... but iz so soft!” Layron exclaimed, grabbing a ball of stonespool and rubbing it against his face. Ironically, he was rubbing a hard spot in the stone fabric on his face rather than any of the wool. The materials, while good for making thread, were rather rough and thick when unprocessed. Eventually though, Layron pulled himself from the spools of thread and crawled down from the cart. “Okies! here you go!” He exclaimed, holding out his hand for Mithora to use as she needed.

    Typical, literal Layron. “Layron, I need your help me pull this cart to Chantelle’s fashion parlor!” Mithora exclaimed. “Quickly, now!”

    Layron seemed to take this cue well, as he immediately grabbed the cart and started pulling it with all of his strength. Surprisingly, he managed to get a lot more progress in with a single force of effort than Mithora had the entire hour she had been lugging the cart across town. Mithora joined back in and, together, they were able to get the cart moving consistently.

    By the time they arrived at the fashion parlor, there were already two carts full of the stonespool sitting outside the shop and being carried into the storage room inside one handful at a time. They left their cart to the side and Mithora asked Layron to guard it. Rushing inside, Mithora found the owner, Chantelle, and informed her that her delivery had arrived and that payment was needed for the shipment.

    “Very well.” Chantelle replied. “I can positively fetch three star coins for the delivery.”

    With a sigh of relief, Mithora started to reply “Thank you very much.” However, she stopped herself mid-sentence and exclaimed “Three star coins? For both the goods and the service? No way! Ten star coins and no less!”

    Chantelle smirked. The little Fennekin really thought she was going to haggle with her, did she? Suffice to say that she would be surprised. “Your labor is worth a star coin at best - I saw how poorly you were bringing that cart up to the shop.”

    “Yes, we’re getting paid one star coin for the labor!” Mithora exclaimed in reply “But the materials aren’t exactly easy to get, you know. They come from the underground.”

    “Riiiight... from those ‘infamous’ dungeons that you are so scared of because you have to use all those magics of yours to keep from getting lost. I will pay no more than five.”

    “You will pay ten!” Mithora demanded, becoming slightly agitated.

    “Five is my final offer.” Chauntelle replied with a devious smile.

    Mithora gave a groan in reply. “Fine. Eight. Eight, and no less.”

    Layron crawled into the shop at that point. “Eight what?” He asked. “Eight balls of wool? I’ll get them!”

    “No!” Mithora cried out before Layron could rush out of the shop. “No, Layron. We’re trying to convince Chauntelle to give us ALL the money she owes for the materials.”

    “Four star gems.” Chauntelle cried out, reclaiming the Fennekin’s attention.

    Mithora paused. “Four? No, never! You will pay eight.”

    “Perhaps I should bump my offer down to three, then.” Chauntelle offered. “It would be a shame to have to return to your guildmaster empty handed, your cargo notwithstanding.”

    “Ooo I knows!” Layron exclaimed. “Fifteen!”

    Mithora slapped the Helioptile with her tail. “Stay out of this!” She exclaimed before turning to Chauntelle and exclaiming “No! You will pay eight! We already cheapened the offer for you, and you will pay your dues in full!”

    “Three star coins.” Chauntelle said.

    Layron started to crawl onto Chauntelle in protest. “But we worked haaaaard on dat cart!” He exclaimed.

    Chauntelle grunted in disgust and tried to pull the Helioptile off, but he kept crawling around her body and away from her grip. “Get off me, you swine!” She demanded. “I will pay no more than two if you keep this nonsense up!”

    “You know what?!” Mithora exclaimed. “This is nonsense! You’re nonsense, and I’m upping the charges! Fifteen!”

    “What?!” Chauntelle exclaimed, twirling around in circles trying to grab the Helioptile and get him off of her body and away from her perfectly combed fur. “I will do no such thing - I will pay no such price!”

    “Unless you want to keep this argument up all night, I suggest you take what you’ve got.” Mithora replied with a stern gaze. “I don’t like to be toyed with, and I certainly don’t like to be haggled.” Chauntelle started to make another argument before Mithora exclaimed “Sixteen!”

    “Never!” Chauntelle exclaimed before making another lunge at the Helioptile. Layron crawled onto Chauntelle’s head. He leaned down and waved to her while upside down. Groaning in frustration, she shook her head as hard as she could and finally managed to get Layron to fall off. “As I said before, I will pay no more than two!” She went on.

    “Sixteen!” Mithora demanded in the most commanding voice she had.

    With a groan of frustration, Chauntelle finally said “Fine! I will raise my offer to five star coins. But, no more.”

    Mithora came up with an idea to get her to break. She put on the most calm face she could manage and said “Fine. Have it your way, then.” She turned around and started slowly to the door. “I suppose you don’t need this stonespool anyhow. You already have two cartloads and I can’t imagine a fashion studio wouldn’t go through all that in a few days... not before the next available shipment of stonespool, anyway.” She paused at the door and turned to Layron. “What was the interval between deliveries, Layron? What number did Teresa give us?”

    “Two weeks.” Layron replied.

    “Mmm... ya. Those two carts could definitely get you through two weeks of business.” Mithora went on. “Anywho, nice seeing you again. I’ll let you know if I ever need any more accessories. Us guild members need them pretty dang often.”

    Chauntelle hated this, the way the Fennekin thought she could play her. But on the other hand, she was right - two carts of stonespool could barely get her through a week of business, let alone two. Even though she was expecting at least one more shipment that day, she absolutely needed that delivery they had. “W-wait!” Chauntelle exclaimed as Mithora was closing the door. The Fennekin opened it to lean her head inside.

    Mithora made every effort she could to hide the grin she wanted to make. “Yes?” She asked politely.

    “Fine...” Chauntelle muttered. “I-I’ll give you ten. No more. Absolutely no more.”

    Their original deal having been offered, Mithora immediately accepted and thanked Chauntelle for her business. As they begrudgingly shook hands and as the exchange of goods was made, Mithora thought a silent prayer to the gods themselves that her guess on Chauntelle’s need for the materials had been accurate enough to have been a good bargaining tool.

    They returned to the Explorers guild in the evening and gave the money over to Teresa. She acted very shocked to see so much money having been paid for the stonespool. “Did you really manage to get her to pay all this?” She asked in shock.

    With a shrug, Mithora told her that “I haggled her.”

PMD-U Team Freedom Errand #12
Client: Teresa
Errand: #12
Date Issued: November 13, 2014
Date Due: November 18, 2014

In this episode, Mithora and Layron dwelve into the world of bussiness by haggling a fashion bouteque owner and scamming her really good! Or, at least, that's how we hope the story ends. Otherwise they'll lose a lot of money.

Team Freedom Application

    A stone circle existed just north of Andalusst. Or, at least, Mithora presumed it had been a form of stone circle in a previous incarnation. Speaking of incarnation, her task this evening was to help guide the spirits of the dead back to the city as they arrived, helping them adjust to the circumstances and such. As she understood, those who died in the dungeons below and came back alive as ghosts often wound up in this series of monoliths. A sad story, but she couldn’t help them. Nobody could help the ghosts but themselves.

    A Pumpkaboo slowly wandered into the monolith circle, looking around as if confused. Mithora approached him slowly and gave her greetings - The Pumpkaboo introduced herself as Milly the... Milly the... Mithora frowned in worry, realizing that Milly had died and likely had taken her memories with her. Her entire past life was for naught... she was like a newborn.

    Suddenly Mithora found herself sympathizing for these ghosts a bit more. Memories were some of the most important things an individual could possess, Mithora believed. They were experience - what gave a Pokemon wisdom. Mithora decided that helping this ghost out was her priority right now.

    The Pumpkaboo was panicking just a bit, having realized it had almost no memory of its previous life. Milly couldn’t remember where she had been, how she died, who she was, or where she was supposed to go now. Mithora insisted that everything was going to be fine - that she would be able to figure things out if she just stayed calm. An overly-optimistic thought, yes, but Mithora couldn’t think of anything else to say. Unfortunately, the spirit also thought the statement was a bit farfetched.

    Mithora insisted that Milly follow her to the city, where she could hopefully ask around and maybe find any connections she might have had. Because she had nothing else to go on, the spirit nodded and started to follow Mithora. Along the way, she decided to let the Pumpkaboo ride her back so she could stay close to her and not be afraid.

    Though afraid the Pumpkaboo was. Everything about the city made her nervous - the looming buildings, the dense population. Even the guilds, which had many nice teams who were also helping spirits find their way in the city, seemed to give her a bit of a scare. If her personality was the same in death as in life, Mithora figured that Milly had been a bit of a shy Pokemon. The information would do little to help her figure out who she was though.

    Mithora helped the Pumpkaboo understand the town - the layout of everything, where they could recieve food and shelter and aid, the locations of the guilds in case she would ever need special help, ect - Finally though, she told Milly that there was nothing else she could do to help her and she had to make her own way. The little Pumpkaboo gave Mithora a quick hug, telling her that she was scared but she was right and she had to find her own way, be that discovering her past or anything else. She bid her farewell and headed off to a shelter where she could spend the night for the time being.

    Mithora made a brisk jog back to the stone circle, hoping to help any more spirits who emerge. The sun had set by the time she was there, and a large crowd of Pokemon were assisting a group of spirits who had emerged all at once. Among the crowd was Layron, who for some reason was wearing a pumpkin hat. He turned and waved to Mithora when she called him, telling her that he wanted candy and was wearing the mask to appear spooky. The connection between the two flew right over Mithora’s head.

    But a moment later, the pumpkin started to float off of Layron’s head and a spirit took refuge in it, becoming another Pumpkaboo. It floated down and landed on Layron’s head, bidding him greetings. Mithora immediately asked what its name was and the Pumpkaboo replied by explaining that he was Moravo, a famous scientist from some unnamed town in the fog who unfortunately died to wolven barbarian Pokemon living in a dungeon near his town. A tragic fate, as his work had been keeping the town improving for quite some time. Alas, without his leadership it would be all for naught.

    Mithora denied that idea, though - that Moravo’s town was doomed without him. She insisted that, once he was reaquainted with the world, he could search for and locate his town again. Perhaps a path could even be established between that path and Andalusst. The Pumpkaboo spirit bobbed his head in agreement, thinking her idea grand. The only problem though was the obvious wall of fog that permeated neigh the entire world!

    Mithora began the same process she had taken Milly through, leading him through Andalusst and showing him the important features of the town like the guilds and the community shelters and kitchens. Moravo took particular interest in the researchers guild, who he saw was equally interested in researching the nature of mystery dungeons. Layron followed in their stead, giving a bit of amusing commentary that helped keep Moravo calm and relaxed, although he was taking his death surprisingly well. Perhaps he didn’t realize the full gravity of his situation yet.

    After they had taken the Pumpkaboo through all they could, Moravo admitted that he would likely try to join the Researchers guild, if it was all the same. While Layron acted a bit disappointed, Mithora simply nodded in reply and said that it was a good idea to join a guild if he had nowhere else to go. However, she encouraged him to be thankful to the gods themselves that he had retained his memories in death, explaining to him that she had helped another spirit named Milly earlier and that her memories were lost to her. However, Moravo simply nodded and said that he would before turning away and heading off into the town, likely towards the Researcher’s guild.

Mithora shook her head in disappointment. Memory was one of the most important things to her, after all. She turned to Layron, whos memories of his early life were rather fragmented, and had second thoughts - perhaps he did not need those twisted memories.
PMD-U Team Freedom Errand #11
Client: Robin
Errand: #11
Date Issued: October 30, 2014
Date Due: November 3, 2014

Well here it is, another Errand complete. A thousand words, nothing too fancy. Mithora and Layron choose to help out on a particularly spooky night as spirits start to emerge in some unknown ruins, their spirits having arrived there in death after having lost their lives in the dungeons. Sad fates, but nothing they couldn't get over after, say, being placed in the hands of a malicious writer!!! hehehehe >:3

Team Freedom Application
Umm... so this activity thing is definitely new. what?

    Mithora was excited! This was the first thing exciting happening in town since the cart race nearly a month ago. A festival being held by Hunters Guild in honor of the ambassador from Iaponese would start that very morning, and Mithora was hyped for it!

    The only thing that might have disappointed her was the fact that it involved ice, something she never quite appreciated. Even though Mithora was a fire type, she never liked the cold. She wore her scarf for a reason. Her friends in the past claimed that it was because she lived next to a volcano most of her life, but Mithora presumed that it was just a natural thing for Fennekins.

    The whole event was being hosted at an inn called the Avalodge, unironically run by an Avalugg. Mithora practically had to drag Layron there to get him to participate - apparently he didn’t like ice either. “We’re out here to have fun, Layron, so if you really hate ice so much then find something to do that doesn’t involve it.” Mithora insisted.

    The Lodge turned out to be packed to the brim with festivalgoers. All sorts of Pokemon were all about, participating in activities such as ice sculpting, apple bobbing, and dancing! Outside, other Pokemon were playing all sorts of sports. Mithora looked out at the playing Pokemon with glee, and told Layron to do whatever he liked so long as he didn’t set anything on fire. The expression was actually unironic in their perspective.

    Mithora raced outside to join all the sports players. At that point, she realized a critical problem - there were arguments going on about what sport to focus on. Only a few Pokemon had made up their minds on what to play, and sadly they had abandoned the indecisive group. Thus, Mithora took it upon herself to make a new game for them which they curiously agreed to try.

    She began to tell them about a sporting event they had back where she came from, where teams would compete against each other to collect the most points by bringing balls on the field to their bases. Teams would battle it out for the balls, and even steal balls from opposing bases. Thus, there were elements of offence, defence, and strategy all mixed together in one unique sport.

    The group of nine was perfect for Mithora’s idea. Two teams of three would compete to see who could the most balls to their bases, which were represented by soccer nets. Referee Pokemon would periodically toss in balls of their type onto the field, with different ball types representing points. The group decided that a baseball would be worth one point, a soccer ball would be worth two, and a football would be worth three. Mithora explained that there could only be a certain number of unclaimed balls on the field at a time - the refs could only toss one football, two soccer ball, and four baseballs onto the field at one time, and no more could be put into play until the balls already put on the field were in a base. As Mithora explained earlier, thieving from somebody’s base was completely acceptable, so long as the balls were stolen physically. The game would go for twenty minutes and the team with the most balls at the end was the winner.

    A bunch of flags and cones were used to mark off a playing field, which was shaped to be a large central area with two smaller squares on either end for the teams’ bases. If a Pokemon or a ball was pushed out of those bounds, the Pokemon would have to return to their base and re-enter the field from there, and the ref would have to take the outbound ball and throw it back in when appropriate. Unlike in most sports, pushing an opponent out of bounds was completely legal, especially when they either had a ball in their possession or they were raiding another’s base. It was decided amongst the group that they should set a limit of one hundred points to keep the game simple - ten footballs, fifteen soccer balls, and forty baseballs. One had to wonder why they had so many baseballs lying around... The last detail Mithora explained to them were the penalties - direct conflict was allowed, although since they didn’t have proper armor they wouldn’t use moves. Kicking, punching, and other means of combat were allowed, but excessive beating was also forbidden.

    The teams were organized shortly there-after. For fun’s sake, Mithora tried to declared herself the captain of one team and her friend Dawn the captain of the other. Mithora was immediately accepted as a team captain, but Dawn just as soon refused the position. She insisted that she wasn’t good at sports with her wobbly legs, but was out here anyway just to give it a shot. Mithora insisted that Dawn could make a good leader though, even if she wasn’t going to play on the front lines. After some convincing, she accepted. Nobody else particularly wanted the position so no arguments were made.

    Dawn and Mithora started choosing team members from the eight remaining Pokemon. There were two Flaffies present, so Mithora and Dawn opted to each accept one onto their team. Mithora received a Flaffy named Daffodil. Her rugged fur and stern expression seemed to oppose her name. Dawn meanwhile received a Flaffy named Dara, who seemed a bit less tough than Daffodil but eager to play, none-the-less. Mithora picked a young looking Dewott named Kati, who seemed to have an expression that either held confidence or determination. Dawn picked a Skorupi named Ariz who looked swift enough to play defense, although she noticed they had a bit of a limp when he came over. Perhaps it was just how Skorupi moved, Dawn thought. Mithora picked a Zangoose named Marcos next. He was very unique with his blue fur streaks rather than the common red, and despite his gentle-looking nature, he looked tough and swift enough to play effective defense. For an extra edge of strength, Dawn decided on the Hawlucha who was standing a bit separate from the group. He looked very serious and a bit distant but when he came over to Dawn’s group, he introduced himself as Libre and assured her that he would help lead them to victory. She gave him a confident nod in reply. As for the remaining two Pokemon, Mithora choose the Growlithe for some additional speed on her team. He introduced himself as Archen and assured her that he would be super fast. Dawn accepted the final player, an Oshawott named Ace, onto her team. He seemed a bit annoyed about being the last one picked but she gave him a rub on the head and insisted that he would probably be the most special member on her team.

    Thus it was Mithora, Daffodil, Kati, Marcos, and Archen on one team and Dawn, Dara, Ariz, Libre, and Ace on the other. With all of that organized, Mithora gathered the proper playing equipment and distributed some sports padding to everyone. They put on everything from helmets to leg and arm pads and shoulder protection. At least one or two of the participants raised concern about the sport if it required padding, only to be assured that it’s just a safety precaution. In order to oversee the game, Mithora flagged down some fast-looking Pokemon and asked them to perform the task of being referee and tossing in new balls to the field when need be.

    Everyone got on their respective side and they started planning. Mithora told Marcos and Daffodil to play defensive whilst the rest of them take the offensive. Daffodil objected and insisted that she would play offensive better. Kati also raised concern and suggested she play defense instead. Mithora accepted their proposition and switched their places. The group broke up and turned to the opposing team, who had opted to take a defensive strategy - Dawn, Dara, and Ariz were at the far end of the field near their base, ready to defend, whilst Ace and Libre were on the front lines. Pretty decent set-up, but Mithora failed to understand why the Skorupi was playing defense if its agility was good enough to play offense.

    A ref blew a whistle and the game began. Balls were thrown into play and the offensive players rushed out to grab them. Mithora and her teammates raced forward but they were surprised to find themselves outmatched by Ace and Libre, who quickly grabbed the football and both soccer balls and raced back to their base to deposit them. Daffodil and Archen grabbed the baseballs still on the field and ran back to their base while Mithora waited for more balls to be thrown into play. By the time new points were tossed into the field, Dawn’s team had already scored points and were back onto the field while Mithora’s team were barely arriving at their base to deposit their balls. A slow start, but they could catch up.

    Mithora managed to scoop up a football and baseball and rush those back to base. She was met with opposition though when Libre leaped over her head and landed in-between her and their base. She rushed forward and head-butted him, knocking him out of the way and continuing towards her base. She scored and returned to the field, where the teams were competing against each-other for the new balls on the field.

    The score was now 8-7, favoring Mithora’s team. Mithora joined in on the confusion and gave Archen the opportunity to get the soccer ball back to their base. Ace took the opportunity to bring three baseballs to Dawn’s base, however. Everyone else was more concerned about the football. 10-10, in favor of nobody. Daffodil and Libre competed for the football. This was a really close game so far, Mithora thought. That is, it was until Libre performed an astounding feat of agility and pulled a sudden backflip-kick that knocked the football out of Daffodil’s grasp and into his hands, in mid-air no less. The entire movement took place in the span of seconds, but Mithora was quick to react. She charged forward and head-butted Libre as he landed on the ground, releasing his grip on the football and allowing her team to claim it for themselves.

    Mithora raced the football to their base; 13-10, in favor of Mithora’s team. The game continued to progress in a similar fashion, usually favoring Mithora’s team. The footballs ended up being divided evenly between the teams, however after seven minutes of game time Dawn’s team managed to claim a majority of the soccer balls thrown into play so far. The score was 34-37, in favor of Dawn’s team. Focus started to shift to baseballs as two in hand were equal in value with the soccer balls. Mithora knew exactly what would happen in a few minutes though, at the very most by halftime. She raced back with a soccer ball rolling ahead of her and warned the defense to be on their guard, especially for that agile Hawlucha.

    The score entered the forties and Mithora’s team began to bridge the gap, claiming enough soccer balls to bring the score up to make the score 42-43, in favor of Dawn. Sure enough, as she was grabbing some baseballs, Mithora turned to see Libre racing towards their base. He grandly leaped over both Kati and Marcos, who amusingly crashed into one-another trying to tackle Libre, and grabbed a football. He rushed out of their base and back towards Dawn’s. The second half had begun, Mithora thought to herself. She called out to Daffodil and Archen to go on either side of her to block Libre. The Hawlucha raced towards Mithora and, despite Mithora attempting to jump in his way, managed to leap over her and bring the football to their base. Dawn and the others cheered in excitement.

    The score was 39-46, favoring Dawn’s team. They were pulling away with this now! This required a change in strategy, Mithora realized. She told Archen to back to base and play defensive, to which he nodded and rushed to join Kati and Marcus. Thus, Mithora and Daffodil were left on the field to face off against Libre and Ace. Several more baseballs were tossed out onto the field. Ace managed to grab two of them while Daffodil and Libre each grabbed one. Mithora didn’t go for any baseballs, in favor of a strategy she had. She tailed behind Ace and Libre until they had returned to their base. Mithora charged right into Dawn’s base, racing past Dara and Ariz and sliding through Dawn’s wobbly legs, tripping her up in the process, and ending up right next to a football. She grabbed it and kicked several soccer balls out onto the field before racing back to her base. The diversion of the soccer balls bought her enough time to make it all the way back. 43-46, favoring Dawn’s team.

    The distraction gave Mithora’s teammates the opportunity to grab four more baseballs, bringing them one point into the lead. Ace tried to pull off the same trick Mithora pulled, but her team was coordinated enough that they were able to suppress his attack and force him out of bounds. It occurred to Mithora that Dawn wasn’t so good on her legs, Dara seemed much slower than Daffodil, and that Ariz seemed to have been walking with a limp when he had raced out to grab the soccer balls. That would explain Dawn’s team set-up then - put the strongest Pokemon out on the field while the others can keep a watchful eye on their base.

    Mithora decided the best strategy at this point was to split their focus. She charged out onto the field with Daffodil behind her. The Flaffy started collecting baseballs whilst Mithora rushed ahead, attempting to raid Dawn’s base. She barged past their defense and even past the offence, who hadn’t even left the base yet. She ran behind their ball pile and the others moved to surround her. Mithora managed to grab two footballs, leaving Dawn’s team in a predicament - if they pushed Mithora out of bounds with the footballs, they would be taken out of play and tossed back in later. Six whole points lost. Dawn and Ariz were on one side of Mithora, Dara and Ace on the other, and Libre atop the ball pile. Libre made the first move, diving swiftly at her to both grab the footballs and force her out of bounds. His efforts were fruitless though - Mithora dropped one ball and hopped up above the Hawlucha with the other hanging from her teeth. He managed to grab it, but he immediately slid across the ground out of bounds. The refs immediately raced over and took the football from him.

    As the refs returned to the middle-edges of the field, Dawn’s team realized something else - in the time that Mithora had been keeping them preoccupied, the opposing team had gone out and collected almost every remaining baseball! A remarkable feat of cunning and strategy that had landed them far, far in the lead. The score was declared to be 51-43, favoring Mithora’s team, with about six minutes remaining in the game.

    Their team went into a panicked state. Mithora returned to her base to see Dara had joined the offensive. She, Ace, and Libre were currently charging towards their base. Dawn was shortly behind them, grabbing a football and the three remaining baseballs to even the scores. 49-51, Mithora realized. All balls were in play, and therefor Dawn’s only hope was to steal some balls from her. Libre was the first one to charge in. He jumped over the group, only to be caught short by Daffodil, who clashed with him in a fierce test of strength right on the edge of the bounds line. Ace ended up clashing with Kati, who proved not so much stronger than she was better suited for the game - she was able to easily pick the Oshawott up and toss him out of the bounds. Dara meanwhile found herself swiftly pushed out of bounds as well. Daffodil ended up losing the test of strength and was pushed out of Libre’s way, but he wasn’t able to grab a high-value ball fast enough before Marcos was able to grab him from behind and toss him out of bounds.

    With three minutes remaining, Dawn’s team had to go all-out or accept defeat. They all gathered together and rushed towards Mithora’s base. There was little point in defending if they were to behind in points so late in the game. Mithora was tempted to send somebody around them to toss their entire hoard of balls out of the bounds - an absolutely legitimate strategy in this game - but she decided defending her base from this sudden show of force was best. The two teams came into contact just outside of Mithora’s base. Only Libre was able to get past them right away, along with Ace a few moments later, but their attempts at theft were quickly halted with some quick movements on the part of Marcos and Daffodil.

    Dawn and Ariz were not fit for forcing their way past five Pokemon. Their strategy had quickly fallen apart. A ref blew a whistle and signaled that the game was over. Mithora’s team cheered whilst Dawn’s team felt disappointment, but then the two groups congregated together and congratulated one-another for such a good game. They had to admit it had been very close - had Dawn’s team, at any point, taken a soccer ball near the end, the score would have turned around. It was a fun game and they were all glad to have played it, though now everyone was just exhausted. They bid their farewells and went their separate ways to enjoy more of the party.

    Pleased with her victory, Mithora returned to the lodge to celebrate with some more activities. She happened to notice some of the ice sculptures - some of them looked really creative and were clearly designed with the skill of master crafters. Other statues were either smaller, less impressive, or were simply of poor quality but never-the-less she enjoyed seeing all this unique artwork.

    Then she noticed Layron, who was crawling atop one of the statues. He was chipping away at a statue of a Registeel, perfecting its shape and details. That was strange given that, merely a half hour ago, Layron had stated that he hated ice. In fact, Mithora went over to Layron and said to him “I thought you said you hated ice.”

    “Naaaaaah ice is nice.” Layron replied before resuming the laborious task of chipping out the eyes.

    A few hours later, the event began to wind down and everyone started going home. Things were packed up, Pokemon said their goodbyes. A fair portion of Pokemon, however, stayed for a little storytelling contest going on around a bonfire outside. Mithora felt a bit obligated to attend this little get-together after the party was over, for she had a very fascinating story to tell.

    She and Layron walked over to the bonfire and sat down. Somebody was telling a story, although it sounded more make-believe than real.

    As soon as Mithora got to speak, she raised her paw and offered to tell her own story. “This isn’t so much of a story as it is something that actually happened to me.” Mithora explained. “Do any of you know what transmutation is?” Mithora couldn’t help but smirk as a wave of murmurs spread across the group, offering her a resounding ‘no’. She gave a quick explanation of the concept - that a Pokemon changed their physical form using intense magic, with the purpose of becoming far more strong. The idea worked but the drawback was that staying in a transmutated form for too long had horrifying effects...

    Mithora began to describe a warped version of a transmutated Aggron. “As you may know, Aggron are huge and bulky creatures that use brute strength to their advantage. A transmutated Aggron is even bigger and bulkier!” Her audience whispered amongst themselves, anticipating a very unique story. The Fennekin was certainly setting up her story well. “But,” Mithora continued “an Aggron who stays transmutated for too long will start to change... their armor will start to become distorted, growing brittle and forming painful spikes. They jam into its skin causing intense, maddening pain that makes the beast loose all sense of rational thinking.” Another murmur of curiosity came from the audience, much to Mithora’s satisfaction. “Some of the transmutated Aggron manage to stay sane long enough to realize their problem and reverse their transformation. But others... they resort to trying to tear their armor right off, but of course this only causes them more pain. Often times, warped Aggrons will have their armor pieces hanging limp off of their bodies, their exposed flesh festering in the open air!”

    The whispers of the audience were more disgusted than they were curious. Many of them tried to imagine what an Aggron’s flesh would even look like - it was hard to imagine they had any flesh, given they always are covered in armor. The monster this Fennekin described sounded gruesome, if not pitiful. Mithora went on to explain that, at the point where they begin to tear at their armor, their minds are already too afflicted with the warping magic and they cannot change back into their normal forms. Several members of the audience asked why they couldn’t, to which Mithora replied that many had tried to fix their minds and their bodies and were met with catastrophic failure. It was nothing if not sad - the only hope for such a creature was to just put it out of its misery.

    Mithora began to explain another concept to the audience - “There are these temples, these magical machines of wonder and mystery, that warp around my homeland essentially at random. These are remnants of a society powered by science and sorcery - one that discovered a way to combine magic and technology into powerful creations, but then all at once... vanished! Without a trace...” She added pauses for dramatic effect, which seemed to stir the audience to confusion. Many of them asked what happened to these Pokemon, who they were, and why they vanished. To all of these questions, Mithora had to reply “I don’t know. Nobody does. All I know is that they vanished, and that the few remaining members of their society are warped monsters.”

    With her story set up, Mithora began to tell her tale. “When I was younger, my parents took every opportunity for me to get experience in combat. Once, one of these mysterious temples appeared in the mountain underneath our town. My father gathered a group of our best warriors to go in and fight off everything inside. It was common practice to delve into these temples as they appeared, usually for the purpose of preventing the warped beasts inside from reaching the surface. There was but one beast in this temple...”

    Mithora paused to let her words sink in. The audience whispered amongst themselves, wondering just what happened to the Fennekin that day. Some of them became a bit skeptical as to whether her story was as true as she claimed, but others insisted that it didn’t matter - this story was proving to be interesting.

    “I remember my father shouting in alarm.” Mithora went on to say. “‘Aggron!!!’, he yelled as he ran in terror. To give you an indication, my father was a Blaziken. As the Aggron stood up he was twice as tall as him, so this was a big Aggron! Bigger than any other we’ve ever seen!” The audience was breathless with anticipation. “My father leaped back as the Aggron smashed his claws into the ground! Me and my sister rushed forward and started pounding him with attacks. We split up and got on different sides of him, which worked to confuse him for a moment until... woosh!” Mithora spun around, swiping her tail at the air. “He spun around and swiped my sister up off her feet and slammed me into a wall!”

    One of the audience members halted Mithora. They were confused - who all were with her at the time, they asked. Who was her sister? Mithora had to pause - she didn’t expect to be asked such a thing. “My sister was... somebody that I loved very much. It was my family and two guards down there - the other soldiers were elsewhere. My sister was a Braixen at the time and my mother a Delphox.”

    “At any rate,” Mithora continued “I was up against a wall, weak from such a forceful impact. The Aggron was attacking my father, who was doing all sorts of flips and kicks to his vulnerable body. I swear, the way he moved was like a dance and like an art, although I guess they are the same.” She paused to let the audience imagine her father’s combat style - she recalled how, despite how brutal he was, her father’s fighting style could be very free flowing and genuinely like a dance. “I raced forward and struck the Aggron in the back, full force, with my Flame Charge! My father took the opportunity to slam him in the chin with his uppercut-Blaze Kick! It fell over backwards and looked defeated for a moment - we even cheered. But, then he started to get back up.”

    The audience showed worry and discontent. How did they escape, they wondered. “We immediately started bombarding it with every attack we had, in the hopes of keeping it down. Eventually it got on its feet though and charged at us like a bouffalant! Everyone except one of the guards - a Bayleaf, as I recall - got impaled in the neck and was killed instantly. My father went mad at that point - he started bashing the Aggron with every attack he knew. He gave him Blaze Kicks, Focus Blasts, Fire Punches. Eventually my mother had to calm him down by attacking him with one of her psychic attacks. At that point, he was more than dead.”

    Most of the audience was unsure of what to make of the story at that point. They weren’t sure whether they were supposed to be excited or whether to be sad for their allie’s fate. It was certainly a sad thing, to be slain in such a manner that the Fennekin described. “My father normally keeps the heads of great beasts that he slays, but he decided that this one didn’t deserve the honor. We carried the guard’s body out and gave him an honorable funeral. I recall that the other guard claimed he had pushed him out of the way of the Aggron’s charge.” She paused to see if she could think of any other details, but none came forth. “Well, there’s my story. Hope you all enjoyed.” She got up, turned, and left. Many of the listeners still had questions, but they would have to go unanswered. Mithora was tired and she wanted to get some rest. If they wanted answers, they’d have to come and find her later.

PMD-U Event 2 (contest): Frosty Festivities
I post this with the following thoughts in my head: screw this! i'm done! i'm posting this now! forget editing!

Event two done! Featuring Mithora, Layron, and a WHOOOOLE lot of other characters who apparently like to play unique sports that come from a foreign land. You guys have no idea how hard it was to write the sports section... The scores turned out to be a lot harder to keep track of as i planned out the story. I'm not even sure if the math is right. If you see a flaw let me know because I certainly won't.

I didn't do much editing on this either. I lost a lot of my inspiration to write this after I started on the sports section. I wouldn't mind some critiques on this, none-the-less.


Mithora and Layron: Team Freedom ~ scaper12123

Dawn: Team SnL ~ LittleWhiteWolfAngel
Daffodil: Team Dauntless ~ Safury
Dara: Atlantic Fence ~ MixedMelodies
Kati: Team Spirit ~ SilverDoe93
Ariz: Team Wishlings ~ confusedkangaroo
Marcos: Researchers of the Day ~ Dracyor
Libre: Luminous Forest ~ GiganticMan
Ace: Limit Breakers ~ TheEvolvingArtist
Archen: Team Nexus ~ Tayzonrai

edit: took me a while but i finally figured out how to mention the users whose teams i cameoed in the deviation. wooooo \ovo/



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oh, well in that case thanks! I appreciate it! sorry. I've just been more concerned about my followers as of late, as in how many of them actually follow me.
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Happy birthday!
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thank you so much ~<3
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Happy birthday!!
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